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Star Wars Fashion Week

Hi friends!

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but we've been very busy, and have lots of exciting things going on!

I had started turning the focus of PNP to more art photography, and had been playing with creating photography-inspired fashion design for some time. I re-opened our Etsy store Nickangula in the fall, where we have some of the random things Nick and I make together, along with some of the photography-inspired fashion. It took off really well with the sales of pink fleece bunny ear hats - we sold 80 orders of them in about 2 months (some of those orders being for 2 hats!). I was even selling some of the fashion design! It was super exciting!

Early in January I was approached by Dirty Droid on Instagram, a page that shares photos of cosplay models in Star Wars related compositions. They are putting on Star Wars Fashion Week, and wanted to feature some of my designs! They are going to be modeled by some of the models they feature who have THOUSANDS of followers! Dirty Droid itself has over 69k!

The event was finally announced yesterday, so I got to share the details with everyone! I have 3 models that will be wearing 7 of my pieces, and there will be different photos from their photo shoots being published each day!

This is such an exciting opportunity, and I can't wait to see how the photo shoots turn out!

So make sure to follow all the excitement on Instagram, each of the models, dirtydroid, and myself will be featuring different content, so to see it all you have to follow each one of us! :D (And also check out dirtydroid's page for information on the other designers and models being featured in this!)



The models:

Danielle Pavluk : @dannycozplay Griffin Maria : @griffinmariamodel Megan Random : @meganrandom

You can also follow the PNP Instagram @thephotonerds

Check out our designs and makes at



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