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  Angela is our photographer with her Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR camera. Angela grew up around photography having parents who owned their own photography business as well as her father being a photography teacher for over 30 years. So naturally she caught the photography bug and it never went away. She has done several weddings in the past and loves having the opportunity to document such an important day in two people’s lives. She also does engagement photos, Senior pictures, single or family portraits, photography for special events, and for advertising or promotional purposes (i.e.: bands, businesses, products, etc…).

Wedding Photography:

  As your wedding photographer Angela likes to get to know you and your personality to better determine what style will be most appealing to you. A consultation before the wedding is your opportunity to go over ideas of what you are looking for. She will also attend your rehearsal to get an idea of what happens during the ceremony. The day of the wedding she is yours for as long as you want her. There is no time limit, no extra fees for additional hours. She will be there to document the whole process for you – from preparation and pre-ceremony jitters to the last few guests of your reception. At your wedding YOU are the boss so she will work with whatever your wishes and needs are… after all this is YOUR day. 

  Your prints will be available for order through which is a wonderful site that gives you a variety of printing options and delivers gorgeous, high quality prints right to your home or Post Office. Once your images are ready they will go in their own folder on the site for easy viewing. You can choose to keep the folder public for anyone to view and order from or we can set up a password so only you and those individuals you chose can access your photos. Using Fotki is an easy way to give access to your friends and family to order prints without having to send order forms out to everyone you think may be interested. It is also is a great way for you to share your big day with any friends or family who couldn’t make it to your wedding. We can even set up the address to your folder before the wedding so you can give cards with the address to your guests before they leave. Please visit our Fotki site to get an idea of how it is set up and to view pricing and print options.


Photo Nerd Photography's Fotki Account

  For portraiture Angela goes on location to a place of your choice. If you are unsure of a location you would like to use Angela would be more than happy to research ideal locations for you to choose from. Getting outside of a studio creates more interesting settings for unique pictures. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and how we can best serve your needs. Appointments should be made at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure that we are available for whatever time is most convenient for you. If you would like to set an appointment sooner than that please still contact us and we will let you know what openings we have.

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