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More From Us...

  We do more than just photography! See below for our other ventures:



  Nickangula is a nickname a very dear friend (in fact, the friend who introduced us in high school)gave us, my guess is due to how inseperable we are and how we do pretty much everything together. For years we have helped one another with our creative projects, and over time realized that our individual skill sets fit together perfectly to help us create some pretty awesome stuff. We've said for a long time we need to just start making stuff to sell online, as a lot of our creations got people asking how much we would charge to make something for them. So we started Nickangula.


  Nickangula will feature mascot, cosplay, and Halloween costumes as well as quirky/creative apparel and accessories. Nickangula is also available for commission and custom design work. 


  Please visit our website for more examples of our work and what we do, as well as how to get some of your own Nickangula awesomeness!

faceless by design:


  faceless by design is Angela's small fashion design company, which will offer unique apparel and accessories for those with a love for creativity in their wardrobe. faceless also will feature bridal wear and custom bridal design for brides who can't find "the dress" (at all or in their price range).


  Angela holds an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design, and has dreamed of starting her own design company since high school. The name is derived from her original name idea Faceless Designs, inspired by her tendency to draw fashion croquis without faces. She also feels it symbolizes both the personal detachment society uses to make injustices against groups of people easier to deal with, as well as her own wish for her design work to be something for anybody to redefine into their own style. The wearer gives the work a face.

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