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  Fotki also offers a wide variety of products your photos can be printed on - including mugs, puzzles, magnets, mouse pads, photo frames, and jewelry boxes! (These make great gift ideas when you are scrambling to decide what to get that hard to buy for person, or you want to give a gift with more sentimental value. "A picture is worth a thousand words!")

  And it's not just the photographs from the DSLR cameras we can post on there, but also all of the photos taken in the photo booth! We post these to Fotki in 3 different forms - the classic Photo Booth Strip Style, in grid form, and as the individual photos taken for the strips! This gives you more options for preserving these fun and memorable moments if you want to create a scrapbook, 4x6 albums, or frame that one hilarious shot when 10 of you tried to fit in the booth at once! 


  Fotki also allows us to setup passwords to view your album, you just choose a password that we'll apply to your album so only those who you share your password can view the photos.

  Fotki is the Photo Sharing Site we upload our photos to. This allows you to check out the proofs sooner, without having to wait for us to send you a proof book. This also allows you to more easily share the photos from your event or portrait session with friends and family all over the world, and gives them the chance to order prints online without the hassel of order forms or having to be around to look at a proof book.


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